Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Hilary Phelps is the oldest of three children born to Michael Fred and Debbie Phelps. From early childhood, she was always a trailblazer and was the first of the Phelps’ children to jump into the water and later into the world of competitive swimming. As her sister Whitney and her brother Michael followed suit in the years to come, Hilary’s passion and ability took her to the University of Richmond where she studied Criminal Justice and Sociology, while competing on a swimming scholarship.

Upon graduating, she relocated to Washington, DC where she began a career in Public Relations and Event Planning for a non-profit organization. Ever the competitor, Hilary continued her athletic journey by earning her yoga certification in 2009, under the direction of Shri Yogi Hari, in Miami, Florida. Soon thereafter, she registered for her first Ironman Triathlon, and after nearly a decade out of the water — dating back to her graduation from Richmond — Hilary resumed her swimming regiment, this time adding the progressive cycling and running miles necessary to complete the daunting 140.6 mile three-discipline Ironman.

Soon after competing Ironman Lake Placid in July 2010, Hilary embarked on yet another journey; the launch of an eponymous interactive lifestyle website aptly named HilaryPhelps.com. As a decorated athlete, an accomplished baker and a regular at New York Fashion Week, Hilary has applied her diverse experience and interest base to the growing website. As her online following expanded, so too did her diversity of content ranging from fashion to food to fitness to geo-cultural issues. She began to delve even deeper into the overarching concept of her website; the well-rounded woman, defined by life experiences, refined by travel and exposure, unafraid of new challenges, recipes, designers or deadlines. It was, in effect, the sheer happiness that comes with being the modern 21st century woman, a concept she describes as “the process of finding the genuine joy in all that we do.”

Now, with readers spanning across four continents, HilaryPhelps.com has seen explosive growth over the last 8 years. As creative director, Hilary remains the trailblazer among the Phelps children, more recently expanding into regular TV pieces covering an array of lifestyle issues including fitness, fashion and culinary nuances.

As her journey continues, Hilary invites you to take each step with her. Read the website. Watch her TV segments. Check out her blogs and vlogs, and as always, you can follow her on both Twitter (@HilaryPhelps), Instagram (@Hilary_Phelps), Snapchat (@Hilary_Phelps) and on Facebook (GenuineJoy).


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