I retweeted (known as RT in the Twitterverse) a piece on yoga yesterday from another blog that I found interesting, and I received a "thank you for the RT" from the original blog in response.  This got me thinking on the etiquette of social media.  While there isn't a formal manners guide for online behavior, and unfortunately social media wasn't in existence during Emily Post's lifetime, I believe that there are some unspoken guidelines that should be followed. 1) If you read something that someone posted on their blog or Facebook or tweeted on their Twitter account, give them credit. Retweet it or post it to your Facebook wall, with their original activity.  Do not copy and paste something and use it as your own.  There's enough love in this world for everyone.

2) Anyone in their 30s (or older) should not use acronyms like LOL, OMG or ROTFL.  These were created by a younger generation, and they should be the ones to use them.  The only one that we are permitted to use is BFF, as a thrown back to the heart lockets that split down the middle, we shared with our best friend in the sixth grade.  That's it!

3) Don't do inside jokes.  Inside jokes in a public forum are never funny, as the majority of your followers just aren't following when you drop something that's intended for only one or two of your followers.

4) Twitter is not the digital equivalent of minutes from the meeting.  We don't need to know about every sneeze, cough, minute, statement or pause throughout your day. (eg. Heading to Safeway, LOL -- see rule #2 above).

Any more? Send me your suggestions!