Calming benefits of yoga

With the holiday season in full swing and the 2010 year winding down, time is a precious commodity that seems to escape me daily.  And I don't have kids, so I'm more impressed by those of you who do, who do what you do with grace and a smile! But, I digress.

On the days when my mind is swirling and I'm having a tough time focusing and checking things off of my "To Do" list, I truly find that yoga helps to still my mind and bring peace to my day.

It's a gift that I give myself, and for those 30, 60, or 90 minutes, I can focus on the pose and the way my body feels, allowing my mind to take a break from the chaos.  There are times when I finish the sequence and think to myself "I'm a better person because of yoga."

Yoga, which means "to unite," truly connects the mind and the body.  If you have yet to try the age old practice, I recommend finding a studio near you and taking a class this holiday season.  If you would rather try it in the privacy of your own home, go to Gaiam where they offer videos for all abilities.