DIY Button Earrings

With Christmas quickly approaching, I wanted to try a last minute DIY gift - button earrings!  The idea came from my grandmother by way of a vintage box full of buttons that she had collected through the years.  What a great way to remember her and put all of her buttons to good use!  I found it easier to use buttons, where I could remove the back hook, rather than buttons with holes in them - easier to cut the hooks than cover up the holes, where the backing was visible. I purchased from Michael's (they are also available through Jo Ann Fabric) earring posts, earring backers, wire craft cutters and super glue (rather than a hot glue gun, either would work fine) . Here are the simple directions! 1) Hold the button between two fingers and cut the hook off of the back.  I recommend holding the button inside a plastic bag, to catch the cut piece.  Otherwise, it will fly and will be difficult to find (until you step on it, barefoot!)

2) Put a drop of super glue on both the button and the back of the post, which I found to hold better than simply putting one drop on the post.

3) Hold the post on the back of the button for 60 seconds, before letting it rest (button side down on the table, post side up) for 30 minutes.

4) Enjoy!