Pretty Pieces: Coffee cups

Some mornings, I'm not totally convinced that I'm not part bear.  I not only understand the hibernation thing of eat more, sleep more, but can feel it in my bones and crave it.  The sun goes down, and I want to sleep until the sun comes up the next morning.  It's shocking to me that for half of my life, I was able to roll out of bed when the alarm went off and jump into a cold pool for a workout every morning! My first thought these days (after wondering "what day is today") is coffee! Some mornings, I just want a big mug of java.  But, on others, and I'm finding this to be the norm lately, I want my coffee in a dainty, pretty cup with a saucer.  It gives me the pause that I need before I start my day, and makes the morning feel a bit special, whether it's a Tuesday or a Friday.  I find that using the "special" dishes on a "normal" day adds a little elegance to the day just because and there's no rule that says we must use our everyday tableware Monday through Friday, and save the special ware for our weekend guests.

Doug, knowing my affinity for all things pretty and feminine, gave me beautiful antique coffee cups with matching saucers this year for Christmas.  I adore them and have enjoyed them thoroughly the past few weeks.  While I take special care of them, storing them high on a shelf and hand washing them gently, I allow them to provide me with that special feeling each and every time I've used them.  WE make the special moments, and they are a small gift that we can give ourselves each day.

So, I ask you: What is your special moment and what gifts to you give yourself each day as a celebration of YOU?