Are Dogs the new Black?

Do you remember the craze a few years ago, where it seemed as if every celebrity in L.A. had a pint-sized pooch that was attached at their hip? The little dogs fit perfectly in a tote bag (made for the sole purpose of carrying them around) and were seen on arms of the young and fashionable clique on the West Coast and quickly made its way through the Midwest and landed here on the East Coast.  You don't see as much "toting" but dogs are everywhere: walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City, tied to a table where patrons dine al fresco and in boutique pet friendly stores where consumers can purchase sweaters for their favorite pooch.  Are dogs the newest accessory? Have they become the fashionable, looks good on everyone, wardrobe staple, black? Dogs in Designer?

The dogs travel on planes, ride in cars and sleep in bed with their owners.  Equal parts family member and fashion accessory, the dressed up dog has made it's way into our hearts, and lives! But not only have the dogs integrated into a fashion acccessory, but they now have accessory lines dedicated purely to their style.  Gucci, Louis Vuitton and many boutique dog clothiers have created everything a dog "needs," (quotes intentional!)  from a sparkly collar, to a waterproof jacket, doggie boots and designer carriers.  Carrying a dog and dressing him for his outing, is everywhere!

Designer in Dogs?

Not only do we now have dogs in designer wares, but we have dogs that are actual Designer Dogs (also known as hybrid dogs).  Breeders are now taking two different breeds of purebred dogs and mating them, to create a new breed. For example, a Boston Terrier and a Pug, to create a new breed - the Bugg.  The difference between a designer dog and a mixed breed? The designer dog comes from two purebred dogs of different breed and a mixed dog , or a "mutt" has an unknown background from two dogs who are not purebred.  Some dogs often show characteristics of one breed over the other, or favor the other breed in his looks.  With designer dogs, you could get the positive traits from both dogs... however, you could also get the challenges associated with both breeds.


Designer Dogs here and Gucci collars there...

Dogs have gone from protector of the home to the accessory on Madison Avenue and Main Street; from a house pet, to a member of the family; and from mixed breeds to designer dogs.  The business of dogs has exploded.  But, I want to hear what you think.  Have they become a true member of your family, traveling alongside you in the car and wearing sweaters in the cold, winter months? Do you think Designer Dogs are a slippery slope into manipulating things into the way we want them, rather than accepting them for what they "just are"? The times they are a changin', but like many things, (like yoga) I feel dogs should be simple, no fuss, and enjoyed for what they are... Mans Best Friend!