Candid Conversations with a Child

I was traveling yesterday, and thought I had everything mapped out.  I counted back from when I had to leave DC and had, what I thought, was a fool proof schedule.  But doesn't it always work out the way we plan, does it? I had a solid workout in the morning and sat down to knock out some work, before getting on a plane.  My bag was packed and I had finished cooking dinners for Doug before I left.  While he's usually the one who travels, so when I'm the one boarding the plane, I like to make sure he has home cooked food in the fridge. Although I know he's a grown man, capable of caring for himself, it's a way for me to let him know that I'm thinking of him, and missing him, when I'm away.  But I digress...

When I travel, I plan out my outfits, as to eliminate over packing (an entry on that coming soon!) and I had everything ready to go and was walking out the door.  The one missing piece, which I was picking up on my way to the airport, were my boots that were at the cobbler. I had to grab those, pick up my niece from school, who was coming with us and get to the airport.  But it's never that simple is it?

My shoes weren't ready, they were doing construction on a major road artery in Washington, DC narrowing the road down to one lane and I was quickly slipping further and further off of my timeline.  Talk about anxiety, I get hurried when it comes to time and stressed when I'm late.

With the whirlwind of activity that was going on and all of the added stresses that I wasn't accounting for, a serene quiet came over me as we were sitting on the airplane, 30,000 feet in the air headed south. I gave my niece a copy of Vogue magazine and she was enthralled.  She flipped through the glossy pages, pointing to the things she liked.  We stopped at a photo spread of models outfitted in clothes by Marc Jacobs.  She looked at me with innocence and asked with her big brown eyes, "But why would a boy make clothes for a girl?" And the lesson into fashion designers began pouring into her 5 year old mind! Next up was Kate Middleton, where we talked about her upcoming wedding into a royal family.  With a Cartier ad on the following page, my niece pointed and said, "She has lots of jewelry like this?"

It's funny how the innocence and honesty of a child can force us to smile and slow down.  Here I thought I was teaching her a lesson in all things Vogue, where it was she who was teaching me a lesson in slowing down, not taking things so seriously and taking in the small moments, that so often make up lifetime memories.  If I move to fast, those small moments of childlike wonder, will pass by, unnoticed.  Enjoying the moment, however small, is a truly a gift.