It's Birthday Time!


I'm still a kid when it comes to my birthday. I wake up ecstatic and there's very little that can shake me on MY day. Other holidays you share with the world, but on your birthday, it's YOUR day.  This year as I step deeper into my 30's, I've been thinking about the year behind me and the year I have unfolding before me.

Last weekend, I was talking with some girl friends about how we as women treat ourselves.  We are our own worst enemy and are harder on ourselves than anyone else, most of the time unnecessarily harsh.  This conversation got me thinking about things I want to change and do differently, and what better day than my birthday for reflection?

First, I'm going to be kind to myself.  I find that when I'm alone, I speak in a harsh manner.  Expecting and demanding more, always feeling that there's more to conquered and accomplished. It's funny, because I actually enjoy my own company and I like being alone at times. I've explored cities, traveled, eaten at restaurants and lived, all alone. If I truly enjoy my own company, why is it that I harbor little compassion for myself?  I wouldn't speak that way to my niece or my best friend, both of whom I adore. A change in the upcoming year: I want to speak with a kind heart and not be so hard on myself.

The second goal for the year, is learning how to take a compliment.  This is usually how the scenerio plays out:

Friend: "Your house looks great.  I like what you've done around here!" Me: "Oh, thank you. It's coming along, but I really wanted to have more done by now.  I feel as if there's always more that I can be doing (see paragraph above)."

My New, older response:

"Thank you."

Really.  It's just that simple.  No conditions or caveots on the gratitude.  Just a simple "thank you."

Now, I must run to get my Birthday Celebration started!