Day 1 complete, Day 2 in progress

Waking up sore, I really happy that I pushed through my uncomfortability and went to yesterdays class.  My lower back is sore and my shoulders, but all in all, I feel great and, my ego is still in check! The class, called YaLa combined core, strength, cardio, plyometrics and stretching all set to fun dance music.  The class was packed, and Laurent lead the students through 60-minutes of moving and sweating.  My heart rate was up and a smile plastered across my face. I mean, how could you not? There were women and men of all ages and athletic abilities, making the class "theirs" as they made modifications fit to their athletic abilities.  Some grabbed weights, some hopped the whole class and some brought the intensity down a notch by jogging in place with the arm movements. While visiting the gym with my friend Nicole, who is a member, the class itself make me want to sign up for a membership.

Today's workout is less "fun" as it's comprised of indoor work on the trainer and running stairs in the building.

Day 2 is also made up of healthier eating options, having breakfast and drinking tons of water. I find that I usually operate best when I have a plan and I stick to it! What's your plan for today?