Day 3 and Day 4

I'm moving along pretty well, although my body feels as if it's been working out and there's a low-grade tenderness in the all of the muscles in my body.  The athlete in me secretly enjoys the soreness, and takes me back to the days of intensive training.  It's amazing how the body craves more activity after a few days of solid workouts, after a month or so of sporadic, inconsistent workouts. Yesterday was an active recovery day.  After every 3 or 4 days of intensive workouts, an active recovery day is thrown in to 1) give the body a rest but not a day off and 2) to keep my body moving and the lactic acid (the "stuff" that creates the soreness) moving out of my body. By adding the active recovery day, it allows my body to absorb the intensive work while also giving it a day to rest.  Without rest, the body will fatigue and not increase its physical fitness level.  This active recovery day is also a great mental break from back to back intensive physical work!  For me, gentle yoga is a great active recovery, where I'm able to listen to my body and give attention to the sore muscles. An intense class like hot yoga, Bikram or an intermediate class is not recommended for this day, as those can all be fast paced, vigorous workouts.

Drinking water is another key component to working out in addition to the active recovery.  The water helps to detox the body of the lactic acid buildup, the primary reason we become sore and stiff after a tough workout.

Today's workout will be the toughest to date.  Knowing that I had a track workout, sprints, bleachers and plyometrics looming in my near future, I had nightmares about it last night. Not kidding.  I'm better at endurance and distance work, and NOT as efficient in the quick twitch muscle fiber department.  Saturday's workout was tough, but I knew that I had an active recovery day on Sunday... not the case tomorrow! When I wake up tomorrow, hobbling out of bed as stiff as a board it's "Hello tough workout #2! So nice to see you"... Until then...