Most difficult to date (Day 5)

There are some workouts where you feel amazing after you've finished.  Some, you never really come out of the unwillingness to workout, and you're just happy that you got out there and did something.  And then, there are those workouts that are so tough, you enter into survival mode just to make it through them.

For those athletes out there, you know what I mean when I say that there are workouts that break you.  And yesterday's workout did just that.  It was timed running to gauge fitness, plyometrics for agility and resistance work for strength.  By the end, my muscles were twitching and shaking and all that I wanted to do was sit down. I was broken of my will to fight back, and had to surrender to the toughness of the 75 minute challenge.

Surprisingly, I'm not that sore today and looking forward to the long run that is on the plate for today.

I still can't say that I am feeling significantly better from the start of the program, although it's only been 5 days.  (I do live in the land of instant gratification and want results yesterday!) I'm actually feeling pretty exhausted and tired, but encouraged to push through it!

Until tomorrow...