Second Day Soreness is here (Day 6)

Yesterday's long run felt pretty good... until the end.  Around the 50 minute mark, my quads and gluts started to burn and I shuffled through the rest of the workout.  I ran a loop that I had run several times before, where the first half is a slight downhill and the way back is uphill.  Yesterday was windy in the District and surrounding areas, so it seemed to make the second half of the workout that much more challenging! Once home, I stretched and made sure I drank plenty of water throughout the rest of the day.  I was feeling ok, no real soreness, until early evening.

I had been sitting at my desk and when I went to get up the first thing I thought was "Hello soreness, I've been waiting for you!" My legs were heavy and achy and reminded me of my swimming days at NBAC where we would to what seemed like a million squats and hours of wall sits, only to wake up the next morning and have to crawl up the stairs on my hands and knees. Going down the stairs meant scooting on my bum. At least now, there are no stairs in our condo! It's the little things that make a big difference, right?

As much as the achy, dull, constant soreness hurts, it also feels really good. It's a confirmation that I'm working hard, and while I can't see the results, I can certainly feel them!

Today, is yoga and I'm thrilled.  It's a more intensive class, but I'm happy for the cardio break.  While also strengthening, it will be great to have some deeper stretching included as well.  Until tomorrow...