Day 8 = tough

Yesterday's workout felt pretty good, except for the heavy legs I was working with early on.  You know the feeling, when your legs are tired and it feels as if you're moving cinder blocks every time you take a step? My calves are sore from the explosive work, and the last round I had to really pump myself up.  I found Lil Wayne's & Drake's "Right About It" on my iPod and cranked it as I crushed the last set of bleachers.  I was pretty wiped after, but felt equally as good, which was unlike Day 5, where I wanted nothing more than to lay down and not talk to a single soul. My back is still sore, but seems to work things out when I get into the workout and feels less stiff today than it did yesterday.

Today's workout is another ridiculous one, with plyometrics, running stairs, wall-sit, lunges, etc, etc... oh, and then some hard cardio at the end for good measure.  Ouch.

Most often, when I'm pushing myself in a workout, I'm envisioning the jeans that will fit better when this intensive workout phase is complete.  But, today, I will be envisioning Key Lime Pie... yummy! Today is Doug's mom's birthday, so I whipped one up last night. It was my first attempt at making a Key Lime Pie, but it was pretty easy to make and looks like it turned out well. I'll share the recipe and write-up with you after we taste it tonight.

Until tomorrow...