One-Third Complete (Days 10-11)

Saturday flew by.  Doug had his early morning race in the mountains, where it was chilly and damp, and it was non-stop from there.  For me, it was the perfect morning for me to wear my new Hunter's  (a coveted birthday gift).  With these great beauties on my feet, I look forward to the rain for that very reason - the opportunity to sport them where ever I go! After the race, we drove back to Washington, where I did my yoga and we prepared for my talk to the She Does Tri women that evening.  The experience was wonderful, but I went into the pool with jittery nerves, as I have a fear of public speaking.  However, instead of backing down and declining the invitation to speak (which was my original thought when first asked), I looked my fear in the face and pushed through it.  The ladies were wonderful, had good energy and great questions.  I am excited to see where their triathlon experience takes them... it's a journey unique to each and means something different for everyone.

Yesterday morning was a lazy day, and some mornings, that is exactly what is needed.  After doing some work in the afternoon, I got on the bike trainer and did a long, slow, but consistent workout. After dismounting from the bike, I noticed some soreness in my quads, but, on the scale this morning, I noticed that the needle moved a little closer to where I want to go.  I smiled knowing that my dedication, consistent workouts and better food choices was making a difference!

Today, is a tough outdoor track workout, with a few timed runs and some repeats thrown in for good measure.  I can (theoretically) run for a long time at a slow pace, but it's the fast, timed workouts that are the biggest challenge for me.  I do not look forward to them, and I am always exhausted once I've crossed the finish line for the last one.

Something else I noticed, is that lately my "need" for coffee had diminished.  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a cup most mornings, but the "I can't focus on anything, don't talk to me until I've had coffee" voice is no longer raging first thing in the morning.  With these 10 workout days under my belt, I sleep better and wake up rested.  Win, win, WIN!

Until tomorrow...