I stand corrected....

... yesterday was the toughest workout to date. Have you had those days where your legs feel more like cinder blocks than the appendages that are supposed to help you move from place to place?  That was yesterday. I never quite shook out the stale soreness that has made a home in my legs these last few days, and found it a challenge to do much else other than shuffle.

My running repeats were better on watch than they felt and while I was disappointed with my last, fast, all out timed mile, all things considering, it wasn't too bad.  It can always be worse, right?

Before my last timed run, I thought about a woman named Paige from the She Does Tri camp, where I spoke on Saturday night.  She called her voice the "Fat Voice."  You know the one.  The one that says "Who cares, why try, it doesn't really matter anyways." The reason I thought about her, was because my own Voice of Doubt started to creep in, saying, "Just stop.  Walk home and be done with this workout. Who cares about the last one. You're tired." But the woman from the camp motivated me to push through it and keep going.

Life is interesting like that, as one never knows who they will motivate.  I'm assuming that the camper didn't think that by posing a question, for me to answer, at a triathlon training camp would help to push me through the last bit of my workout a mere 48 hours later.  Walking through our day, we never know who we're going to inspire or about what we say and the impact it has on another, both positive and negatively.

That being said, today is an intense yoga day, for which I am thankful.  My back has been bothering me and I've started taking an Aleve to help with the inflammation.  I'm one of those people who doesn't like to take anything other than a vitamin, but sometimes, I need a little something more.  Yesterday and today are a perfect example of one of those times!

Until tomorrow...