Feel peaceful after yoga, Happy after running (Day 14)

First, I'm happy that the sun rises before 7am, which means that we are inching our way closer to the summer season.  And for that, I couldn't be happier! More daylight, beautiful weather and more time spent outside... love it! Yesterday, as I was running, I realized how happy running makes me.  It clears my mind and opens it up to addressing any unresolved issues or concerns that I have bouncing around in my mind.  Even yesterday in the drizzling rain, I found myself smiling through each of the different runs that made up the workout.

The workout was tough, and later in the day when I walked up a set of stairs, I could feel the workout (and the preceeding 13) in my gluts.  Yesterday, I ran outside, then ran stairs and then jumped on the trainer for a hard, fixed gear seated ride.  After three times through, I was drenched with sweat and exhausted.

I'm tired from the increased workouts and have been sleeping more, which means falling asleep around 9pm. In the past, I've found that while training or with intense workouts, there's a period of time where I'm so tired, that I can barely keep my eyes open once the sun goes down, but once I push through that intense period, I start climbing back up towards feeling great.  It's all a process.

Today is an intense yoga practice, about which I'm very happy. How's your day look?  Whatever it is you have going on, make it a great one!

Until tomorrow...