The Scorpion and the Crow (Day 15)

I missed the yoga class that I had intended on making and so I did an intermediate DVD here at the house.  When I do active recovery, I lead myself thorough a class, because I tend to go slow and skip the poses that are challenging and stick to the ones that provide the maximum amount of stretch.  For a workout day, for now, I must have someone else lead the class (or follow a DVD). And yesterday was one of the most exciting classes I've had (even if it was just me and my yogi, via DVD)! I was able to get into two poses that had always escaped me... the first, was the side crow and the second was the scorpion.  I can't tell you how accomplished I felt!

Today is  a long, slow run and the furthest run I've done to date during the 30 for 30.  I'm still beaming from the poses this morning.  I've been practicing yoga for 10 years, so these poses have been practiced, always escaped me and never held.  Until yesterday!

Enjoy your Friday.  Until tomorrow...