Dogs + Run = Great way to start the Day (Day 16)

Yesterday, I was out of the house for an early morning run, with the rise of the sun.  I enjoy getting my workout in earlier in the day, rather than later, for many a reason.

  1. It sets the day off on the right foot, where I do something for ME first thing in the morning
  2. When I push my workout to later in the day, I find that I snack more throughout the day.
  3. Running first thing in the morning means that I see all of the people walking their dogs before work.  A sure way to smile in the morning is seeing Pugs, Labs and Bernese first thing in the morning.  It's the time of day when I cane get my dog fix, since we aren't permitted to have one in our building and I don't see my "niece" Juno and "nephew" Herman daily.
My long run was great and shook some of the grumpiness off that I woke up with yesterday.  While slower than a shorter run, I feel stronger on these longer runs, which means I'm building up my endurance.  Although I'm falling asleep early in the evening, my exhaustion is beginning to wane and I'm climbing out of the hole of lethargy.
Today is an active recovery day, which means I'll either walk to the farmers market or do some yoga. After my brief flirtation with scorpion and side crow, I'm eager to increase my practice!
Hoping you all enjoy your Saturday and your weekend! Until tomorrow...