Ticking off the days (Day 23)

Today is Day 23 in the 30 for 30, and it's a gym day for a long, 90-minute Cardio session and some stretching.  After 23 consecutive workout days, I'm at the point where I feel off if I don't get in some sort of physical activity every day, which is where I wanted to be when I started this challenge.  I just feel all around better when I move my body.  And, coincidentally, when I move my body, I also want to put healthy foods in it for fuel, which means I'm making better food choices - no meat (I am by no means saying that meat is bad for you, as it's a personal choice, but I just feel sluggish when I put it into my body and don't enjoy eating it), whole, natural, fresh foods in lieu of anything that comes pre-made or packaged.

I have a big day of Easter prep planned (baking bread, making cupcakes and a cake) so I want to get the morning started right by getting in a solid workout first thing.  My body is to the point where my day feels incomplete if I don't do something, and I enjoy working out first thing in the morning.

Until tomorrow...