On the 26th day...

Yesterday's one workout turned into two, as I "paid the piper" for my Easter indulgences. My morning workout consisted of running 1.5 miles to the gym, doing cardio, plyometrics, and then running the 1.5 miles home.  I felt so good on the run that I almost altered my workout to fit the feeling.  But, I stayed the course and continued with the workout that I had planned. That was a lesson that I learned while doing Ironman training, stay the course and don't alter your goals.  My goal when I began training was to finish the race and complete my first Ironman.  Then, as I started down the path and started feeling good in my workouts, I wanted to do a certain time.  I forgot the reason I signed up for the race in the first place, and that was to reach my goal of finishing an Ironman.  Next time, I'll make a plan to achieve a time or a certain place in the race.

Later in the afternoon, I jumped on the bike trainer for an hour.  My legs were heavy after the morning strength work and my body was tired, so I rode a consistent pace and was drenched with sweat by the end.  I was pretty wiped out and falling asleep last night by 9pm!

I'm in a place where I like the long, consistent workouts.  I would prefer to run for an hour or more, or get on the elliptical machine and zone out, so any workout that has intervals or a track workout is not one of which I am a fan... but, they have to be done in order to get me where I want to go.

I woke up tired and lethargic, half from the workouts and half from the sugar consumption of Sunday.  I have been eating better and putting healthy nutrition into my body.  I've cut out artificial sweeteners (such as saccharin and Splenda, which are found in diet drinks, some yogurt and diet foods) and have been eating more whole foods, which I sweeten with agave.  It's all a process, and not something that happens overnight, but sometimes, I want to feel better yesterday!  Anyone else feel the same?

Today's workout is an endurance & intensity workout, which means a steady run to the track, some timed repeats and then a long, consistent and steady run after the repeats.

I love all of the emails you have been sending... as encouraging as you claim I am for you, my friends, you are equally as motivating for me... Until tomorrow...