There's such a Difference

... in the workouts that are tough and feel good, compared to the workouts that are tough, slow, and miserable.  Fortunately, yesterday, mine was the former and not the later.  There's always a silver lining and it can ALWAYS be worse. The part I was most concerned with yesterday was timed repeats. I feel like I could do almost any physical activity at a slow pace for a longer period of time, but when it comes to doing anything fast or hard, I strongly dislike the activity.  I mean, I was a distance swimmer, not a sprinter! The timed repeats were tough, but I hit all of the marks that I had planned AND (bonus) the times were faster, for a greater number repeats, than one of the first track workouts I did in the 30 for 30, which means I'm getting stronger and faster.  I love seeing progress!

I then had a long run home, which consisted of a 1.4 mile hill.  I felt slow, but I was running the times I had set for myself.

Before the workout, I dreaded the track work.  Yet, I clocked in the times I wanted and ran away from the track thinking "that wasn't so bad." Then, it was the hill I dreaded.  I was thinking about that silly hill from the moment I left the track until I came upon the base of the climb.  When I finished the hill, I thought to myself "that wasn't so bad."  Which reminded me that I have to "Run the mile I'm in."  Not think about the track work I recently completed, or worry about what is around the next corner, but be where my feet are, in the moment, because what I'm worried about in my head is always worse than what actually is out there in front of me.  A good metaphor for life, no?