And then there were three...

Only three workouts left in the 30 for 30... how quickly the time flies!

Yesterday, I ran the same route as the day before, during the first part of a long cardio workout.  I ran outside and then came inside to jump on the bike trainer. My legs are sore and heavy, and I'm convinced it's because I'm getting stronger.  It's all a process.

I decided to take the route yesterday that has the 1.4 mile climb back towards home.  I have a love/hate relationship with that hill.  I dread it the whole time, but then see it as a personal challenge that I revisit as often as possible.  My first thought in my mind, after the climb, is always "It wasn't that bad.  I will do faster next time!"

The course that I chose was the first course that Doug and I ran together in the winter of 2009.  When I was running yesterday, I was thinking of all of the tips I've learned and picked up that make my running more efficient, such as how to best run up hills, how to best run down hills, the positioning of my body.   Such small tricks, make huge differences!

Today is cardio and strength and tomorrow is a swim workout.  After spending nearly half of my life in a pool, I often have no desire to climb back in, but I know that I feel strong after the workout and I know that it's great exercise.

Until tomorrow....