It's an inside job

Lately, I've been moved and motivated by positive actions and attitudes.  There comes a time when you feel your stride and stop putting up with unnecessary drama... That time is now.  There aren't many things that aren't an "inside job."  Happiness comes from within, as does acceptance.

So, when I read yesterday about a mother, giving her 8-year old daughter Botox, I was floored.  Calling what I assume were the child's dimples, wrinkles, the mother was injecting the chemical into her daughter's face for beauty pageants and justifying her actions by saying that other parents were doing the same.  There are few things I judge, because until I walk a mile in someone's shoes, I will never know their experiences, but this I find upsetting and self-serving.  The child, who said the injections hurt and she cries during the procedure, has no say over the treatments.  Is the mother doing what's best for the child or is she living through the child and serving her own narcissistic personality?

When you know better, you do better.  And when you do better, you feel better.  When you do better, know better and feel better, you are at your best.  And isn't doing our best what we're all striving for daily?