Motivational Monday: No Fear

Fear is what holds most people back from achieving their maximum potential.  I often think "I'm happy where I am, so what is the purpose of doing something that scares me? The purpose, my friends, is so you can be an even BETTER version of you!
The acronym fear stand for: False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear is what happens when we assume the worst.  We conquer that fear when we try, because what idea we have in our minds about how the event will unfold is usually a whole lot worse than how it actually turns out in the end.
Do something that scares you.  Everyday.  Step just outside your comfort zone.  Maybe to you that means taking a yoga class or going to a new place to pick up lunch (Yes, sometimes it really is baby steps!) Try it. I promise you, you'll feel better, gain confidence and enjoy the moment.