The Art of the Thank You Note

Only surpassed by Birthday cards, the Thank You note is the most frequently sent correspondence.  In the age of email and text messaging, the art of writing a "Thank You" note has been misplaced.  Not lost, mind you, just sat to the side while the informal nature of the electronic age takes center stage for all correspondence... for the time being. With monogrammed stationary, luxurious letterhead and even options at big box stores, like Target, there are countless reasons to buy some stamps, grab a pen and send a little gratitude via snail mail.

A well-written "Thank You" note is:

  1. Sent when you receive a gift or when you have been a guest in someone's home, either for dinner or the weekend.  When opening a gift in the presence of the gift giver, a "Thank You" note is not needed (but is always welcome!)
  2. Sent from the person who received the gift and include what you like about the gift or something specific from the weekend
  3. Written as soon as possible, but a delayed note is better than no note.
  4. Inclusive of the children, even where writing isn't an option.  Have the child or children each draw a picture, but be sure that you too include a personal written note.
Ways to make the note special:
  1. If you were sent flowers, include a dried bloom in the note.
  2. Include a photo from the weekend.
  3. Use an embosser, melted wax or a personal (age appropriate) sticker to seal the envelope.
  4.  Whether it be sports related, a dainty print or a classic monogram, select a stationary or card that is reflective of who you are as a person.