Motivational Monday: Why do I Succeed?

Why do I succeed? I succeed because I am willing to do the things you are not. I will fight against the odds. I will sacrifice. I am not shackled by fear, insecurity or doubt. I feel those emotions—drink them in and then swallow them away to the blackness of hell. I am motivated by accomplishment, not pride. Pride consumes the weak—kills their heart from within. If I fall, I will get up. If I am beaten, I will return. I will never stop getting better. I will never give up, ever. That is why I succeed

Everyone measures their level of success differently. To some, having the house of their dreams is their definition of success, or having a powerful job that takes the to the far corners of the earth. To me, success is measured by my level of happiness, which is determined by my willingness and ability to meet the goals I set for myself.  Being happy, and successful, is having good relationships, great friends, an unconventional family and the ability to look in the mirror everyday and say, "you're a good person!" Whether it's accomplishing a physical goal like the Ironman, teaching a yoga class for the first time or starting this website, each one started with the first step  because of my willingness to overcome the fear and the definition of success I had laid out before me.

What is your definition of success? And are you willing to do whatever it takes to succeed?