Hilary's First PM P.S.

Here's the scoop on the latest update, called "Hilary's PM P.S"  and you'll find the first one here, today. The "PM P.S" stands for (literally) Post Meridian (as in the afternoon) Post Script (as in second post of the day).

I know, I know...today, it is my first post of the day, but since it's the first one in the series, I wanted to give it a day all to itself.

The PM P.S. will share with you what I'm reading that day, articles that I found particularly interesting, or in some cases, bizaar on-goings or noteworthy pieces that I've stumbled upon.

Be sure to check back in the afternoons for my PM P.S. and let me know what you think.

  • Nowness: A reason to wash your face daily.
  • Stay positive. You can always do more than you think.
  • A bio: Enjoyed the book as a child, Loved the movie as an adult
  • Voguepedia: A fun addition to the Vogue website