Toms + The Row

We've all heard of Tom's Shoes, right? The one-for-one concept, of you buy a pair and the company donates a pair to a child in need of shoes, living in a third-world country. Well, my friends, now, Tom's Shoes has paired up with the Olsen twins and their high-end brand The Row to design a line for Fall 2011.  Made up of cashmere, herringbone and plaid, the shoes feel like true luxury on your feet. The shoes run slightly higher ($140-150) than the canvas Tom's, but if you're a fan of the shoe, these are ones not to be missed!

If exclusivity is your aim, check out Neiman Marcus for their exclusive line of Tom's shoes, only available in their store and online.  The line has sequins, foil wrapping and embellished skulls.  Plus, a great pair of velvet shoes, with a butterfly across the toe-box, split between the two shoes (not available on their website at this time).

You can order The Row collaboration online at Toms and pick up the exclusive to Neiman's at their store or online at Neiman Marcus.