PM P.S. for Monday, August 22

Here is what I'm reading today:

  • Flavorwire: While I look forward to spending time in London next summer, I really look forward to spending time here! At the end of the article, it talks about a comparison between this pool and the famed Beijing Water Cube, one which I'm happy to give in approximately one year from now.
  • Saveur: As we out of transition summer and into fall, these recipes are sure to please. With a hearty and substantial offering, they are suited for carnivores and vegetarians alike.
  • New York Times: Back to school! Are you sending a child off to college? (I know that some of you readers are taking your children to college and for the first time!)  Check out one parents perspective.
  • Huffington Post: Looking for a new job? Or maybe a career change? If you're interested in moving to London, this might just be the job you're looking for... and with excellent pay!
  • Women's Health Magazine: Which yoga poses are most helpful for runners?