Life Happens

DO you have those time lapses where life just happens? By that, I mean you wake up one morning and it's the end of September and you have no earthly clue where the summer went? Last you checked, it was Memorial Day, then in China and now it's creeping up on October? The older I get, the faster time flies and I'm 100% sure that I'm not a fan of "flying time." There are several seemingly "new beginnings" for each year.  There's January, which indicates the beginning of the new calendar year, there's your birthday, which signifies the welcoming of a new numerical age and then there's September where Congress is back in session and kids are back to school.  Summer is a lackadaisical three months that notoriously flies by, and September is when we set our goals and plan out our upcoming year.

Let's take a look at some ways to structure the day, as well as plan for the year that is quickly unfolding before our eyes.

  1. Plan out your day/week/month:  To get organized, I have two calendars, one large desk calendar and another one by way of a planner. I'm old fashioned, in that I handwrite my dates/meetings/events into a paper scheduler, rather than type it into my mobile device.  It works best for me.  Find what works best for you.
  2. Write down everything: From workouts to play dates, schedule your day, and accordingly, your week.  It helps when you can see all appointments and dates, written out before you.
  3. Make time for you, by working out a few times a week, getting a manicure and seeing your friends.  Trust me, by taking the time for YOU, you'll have more time in your day to be productive and efficient.
  4. Keeping in touch: Ideally, I would like to call friends and family to keep in touch, but sometimes that just doesn't happen.  Sending a hand-written note, a quick text or an email while I'm catching up on the morning news is a great alternative.  I feel better when I'm connected to friends and family.
  5. Cut yourself some slack: Life happens, and everyone gets bogged down in "stuff" but at any moment, you can change that mentality by "getting back on the bike." Don't allow yourself to become weighed down in the sludge.  Make adjustments, metaphorically brush yourself off and climb back on. Life's a journey, not meant to handled on the sidelines.