Veterans Day PM P.S.

Happy Veterans Day and a heartfelt "Thank You" to the families of service men and women, and of course, to all those who have served our country, to preserve and protect our freedom. Today's PM P.S. brings one piece from Culture, Food, Fashion and Fitness. Let's take a look:

Culinary: The New York Times brings us an article from culinary creator Mark Bittman, on the multitude of uses for brown rice, claiming "it's not just for hippies."  Filled with recipes and detailing the difference in various types of brown rice, this piece is a win-win for a girl who could live on this grain.

Culture: Giorgio Armani opens a new hotel in Milan, with 95 rooms decked out in chic decor. Vogue Magazine calls it "a grown-up space, that bucks the traditional baroque theme, found throughout Milan.

Fashion: "Reading Between the Lines, This is a Big Day for Corduroy Fans" shares with the reader the excitement of the corduroy fan club for today's date: 11/11/11, as it most closely represents the look of the pant.

Fitness: With holiday season knocking on our door, eating is sure to take center stage in the next few weeks and through the New Year.  Take a look at 58 ways to burn 100 calories, so we can still enjoy all the deliciousness the Holidays have to offer.