More often than not, change is seen as uncomfortable and unpredictable.  It means we have to change our behavior, our location or our habits and it's rarely fun.  Until now, my friends... My writing has been less than consistent, updates spread out and sporatic.  But, I have good reason, I promise.

For months, I've been working on a new website.  I explored my options, and akin to Goldilocks, searched and hunted until I found one that was just right. And it's finished.

The new is live and interactive.  Check out the photos, see what's inspiring me today and find the link to my blog. I will be adding vlogs (video logs) to my new You Tube channel, updating often and writing regularly.  Let me know what you think, share with me what inspires you and keep sending your comments and questions my way.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

-- Hilary