Filipa Fino's New Adventure


The first time I read about Filipa Fino, the Senior Accessories Editor for Vogue Magazine, I was intrigued.  She has great style and in the piece, had pulled everything together in a way that I admire.  Not overdone, not underdone, but just right...You can see the piece to which I am referring here.

Last summer Filipa left Vogue.  Some say there was a scandal, others say that she chose to leave, either way, she's out on her own and has spent the last two years developing a new project, a magazine, called Fino File. The free, once monthly publication will launch in February, but as a teaser, Fashionistas and shoppers alike can check out the 40-page holiday gift guide next week! Timed perfectly with Cyber-Monday, the guide will go live on Monday, November 28, 2011.

To view the gift guide and sign up for the monthly publication, visit