May-Ham is here!

On the heels of the chocolate cake recipe, I am launching this year's 30-for-30, titled May-ham! Same idea, same excitement, with a little tweaking. First, the workouts are slightly scaled back, at least in the beginning.  In December, I was told that I had bursitis in my knee, meaning I couldn't run until told otherwise.  For those who do run, you know the feeling of euphoria you experience after you return home from a blood pumping jaunt.  There's nothing like it.  So, I was limited to the elliptical, yoga, pilates and minimal strength training for 4 months. I listened and healed and was recently cleared to run 3 miles. Very happy!

Second, I'm forbidden from doing explosive movements, box jumps, sprints, and games of pick-up basketball, so you won't see any of those this year, although I've never been a particularly strong, or able-bodied, basketball player!

Third, and lastly, I'm adding a healthier eating approach to this year's plan.  Right or wrong, I've always enjoyed desserts and sugar, sometimes in excess.  But the older I get, the more I realize that you truly cannot out exercise a bad diet.  I've been reading about and studying up on nutrition in the past year and the way in which certain foods affect my body.  With this information, I have tried to clean up the ways I eat on a daily basis.  That does NOT mean that I've given up or plan to give up any one thing when it comes to food (read: sweets!) but it does mean that I'm finding a better balance of having certain items as treats, not having a regular appearance in my daily eating. It also means that I'm eating healthy, clean foods as my first choice when it comes to energy through food sources.

Weight wise, I'm at the same place on the scale where I was at the conclusion of last year's 30 for 30, so the plan this year is to do something everyday, be active, try something new, maintain balance, tone up. I've been wanting to try Zumba and they've recently put a Barre studio in Georgetown, so they are both on the list.  Follow along, create your own plan, be active and have fun!

Today's workout was a nice, slow 2-mile run, followed by strength exercises and a yoga sequence. I'm still easing into the running and taking each workout from the point at where I left off from the previous day...

Until tomorrow...