Knowing Myself

About one-third through the 30 for 30, and I've finally done what is best for me -- writing the workouts ahead of time. The first 20+ days, I would get up in the morning and  decide what I was going to do that morning.  Downfall was, I often did what I felt I wanted to do and not what I should do for optimal fitness health.  The written workouts also allow me to budget the approximate time for the workout into my day and the other way around, by seeing how much time I have for the workout I feel like doing.

Yesterday was a broken cardio workout with some strengthening and toning exercises in between.  Focusing on large muscle groups, the exercises got my heart rate up and found my body a little sore this morning! Today is another workout similar to yesterday's, with strength and cardio, but today the strength component comes at the beginning of the workout with a long, slow "ride" on the bike trainer to close out the workout.

Waking up with some muscle soreness this morning, I'm already looking forward the my favorite yoga class on Thursday.  Saturday's too.

Until tomorrow...