Today is officially Day 23, but it's the third day since I've created the workout schedule  I climbed out of bed sore today.  My abs and my arms are heavy and my back is stiff.  While one can't hide from running, it's tough to "keep going" on the trainer, as I realized yesterday.

The benefit of the trainer is that I can put on the Today Show and pedal.  But after being off the bike for a while now, I realized that it's still movement for over an hour, using my legs, which aren't the strongest part of my body.  Swimmers legs aren't as strong as say, a cross-country runner or lacrosse player.

Today is a moderate cardio workout, which I'll do this evening.  It's one that I can fit in and crank out after my appointments and meetings today.  My body was tired and I needed the sleep this morning.

I'll purchased dark cherries and have been snacking on those the past few days.  The tasty fruit is packed with anthocyanins that work to speed oxygen via the blood, reducing muscle inflammation, minimizing post-workout pain and boosting recovery.

I remind myself that it's easier to stay in shape than it is to get into shape.  After 10 days of intense work is when I expect to turn the corner... seven more days and many cherries ahead.

Until tomorrow...