Today is my favorite yoga class and it couldn't have come soon enough!  I enjoy the teacher and I find myself looking forward to her class each Thursday.  For me, taking a class, rather than a self guided practice, allows me to do poses that I often leave out of my rotation.  When I do my own practice, I stick to the ones I like and avoid the ones that aren't my favorite.  It's good to branch out!

At this point, I was expecting to jump out of bed with energy in the morning, which I haven't quite found.  I am sleeping better.  Much, much better.  For me, that means sleeping through the night and not having a tough time falling asleep.  Once I climb into bed, I have no trouble drifting off.  That is a huge benefit of a regular workout regimen.

As the unofficial start of summer approaches, with a weekend of pool openings and cookouts, I'm planning a healthier route.  First, is to workout all weekend.  When I'm active, I find that I make better food choices.  Second, stay hydrated by drinking more water.  We often mistake dehydration for hunger, so even a slight hydration deficit can lead to over eating.  Third, eating a nutritional breakfast before heading out to any functions where eating is front and center and making sure I eat fruits and fresh veggies first, before putting anything else on my plate. With tempting desserts, pasta salads and burgers at every turn, it's easy to "go food wild" this weekend.  But, Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance, so by going into the food festivities with a plan, I'll be more likely to come away unscathed!

Until tomorrow...


*Image from the Under Armour Be Beautiful Campaign. Inspiring. For more information, click here.