Three Day Recap

What a week! Arrival in London, watch some swimming, get in some shopping/sightseeing and witness history in the making. It's been a full week and there's more to come.  The days are long -- they begin with a wake up call at 6:30am -- and end once the lights go out close to 1am.  With a diet of coffee, espresso and water, I packed two different types of eye drops (for the tired looking eyes) and plenty of eye cream; Prelims in the morning and finals at night make for long days. And if it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm definitely not! It's an experience unlike any other in the world, filled with triumph and tragedy, laughter, tears and bronze, silver and gold.

Until time allows to write a proper piece (said in my very best British accent), here are a few pieces I've done which give some insight into the games.  Check 'em out!

  • Hilary Phelps in London: Seeing the Queen here
  • Hilary Phelps in London: Athletes ticket trouble here
  • Hilary Phelps in London: Taking an Afternoon Tea here

From Live on E!...


To cheering on Michael...


It's been a packed week.... and we're not finished yet!