Friday Favorites - Debbie Phelps

Today, Genuine Joy is introducing a new segment called "Friday Favorites" where each Friday, we'll introduce someone new and talk about their most favorite items within the pillars of: Culture, Culinary, Fashion and Fitness.  First up, is Director of the Baltimore County Education Foundation (and World's Greatest Mama), Debbie Phelps.

Culinary: Hailing from Maryland and living in this great state for the majority of my life, I really enjoy seafood.  Salmon, shrimp and especially hard shell crab, it's far and away my favorite type of food.

Fashion: I enjoy clothes that are fun and easy, make me feel good from head to toe and those that put on and get out the door easily.  I mostly wear Chico’s because of the ease of wear, sophistication and pizzaz of the clothes.  I had the honor of wearing a Adrianna Papal dress, in my favorite color, for the Red Dress Fashion Show in February

Culture: In all of my travels, I have to say that Barcelona and Athens have a special place in my heart.   The Gaudi apartments and design elements of Barcelona were incredible and the authenticity and history of Athens were breathtaking and found in every corner of the city.  A fond memory for our family was eating dinner at the base of  the Parthenon in 2004.  Locally I enjoy the Smithsonian properties in Washington, DC, which are full of interested elements such as the Hope Diamond, dinosaur bones and Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz.

Fitness: That’s a area in which I’m re-exploring now.  I grew up as a cheerleader and also played basketball. I want to find something that is beneficial to both my health and my wellbeing, so I've been asking myself  “Should I take sailing lesson, water aerobics, yoga or a zumba class?“ The jury is still out!

What is a quote you enjoy or one by which you live your life: The greatest contribution one can make is in the way they touch another person's life.