The Price is Right

As a child of the 80's, I watched the Price is Right once or twice.  The gist of the show was to have contestants guess the amount of the showcase or item, where the guesser couldn't approximate an amount that totaled more than the amount the item was worth.  Many guests would bet $1 if they thought the previous bids were way over priced.  Other than that, I remember the host saying at the end of every show "and don't forget to spay and neuter your animals!"  The show was full of excitement and happiness, that the viewer could feel emanating out of the screen. Few things have changed on the show. There's a new host, but still the same level of glee and anticipation jumps through the TV with each episode.  Until now, I had never known or met anyone who appeared on the show.  Like I said, until now...

While in New York City for Fashion Week, I met with a lovely designer named Danielle Nicole DiFerdinando, who grew up in Baltimore, studied overseas and interned with Bergdorf Goodman. From early childhood, she dreamed of becoming a designer, and when she entered the working world, she got noticed by creating her own line of bags that she would carry with her to work everyday.  After giving a tour of her showroom, we had dinner and talked about the wonders of SoulCycle.  Danielle is not only a woman who is passionate about her designs, but about life in general and it's infectious.  You walk away from her feeling motivated and inspired, but not because she's hype, because she's substance and friendly.  Don't believe me? In 2011, Danielle was chosen by Oprah to create a unique bag to give to her Oprah's O YOU! conference attendees in Atlanta... all 5500 of them.  She truly inspired the inspirational queen herself.

Danielle designed leather bags for the likes of Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue, before creating her leather alternative line for HSN and Nordstorm.  High in style, but lower in cost, the bags are stylish, fashionable and unique (I get complements every time I take my Harper Clutch, along with people asking "where did you get your bag?")

Well, my friends, tomorrow Danielle will be on The Price is Right,  with host Drew Carey where she will present the show’s first- ever “Pursecase.” Featuring 52 handbags personally selected by Danielle Nicole, the winner of this impressive prize will walk away with a brand-new designer handbag for each week of the year. A variety of totes, satchels, crossbodys, clutches, iphone and ipad accessories were all part of this amazing “Pursecase”.

Catch a glimpse of handbag heaven, when Danielle joins host Drew Carey on THE PRICE IS RIGHT, airing Tuesday, November 13 (11:00 am ET/10:00 am PT) on the CBS Television Network. Also, good for today only, you can get a discount on Danielle Nicole bags by using the code BALTISUN. Through the end of today, you get 25% off your purchase on! The holidays will be here before you know it and what a great way to knock out some shopping for the ladies on your list.  They are vegan, fashionable and available in all shapes, sizes and colors (and most under $100).  I would definitely say The Price is Right!