Perspective: Gregg Pitts

A few months ago, new studio called SculptDC opened here in the Nation's Capital. Combining indoor cycling (spin) and yoga, the studio is situated on F. Street, close to the DC metro, shops and restaurants.  Last night was my first visit to the location, where you check in on the first floor then descend the staircase to the studios below.  I took one of Gregg Pitt's Sculpt Cycling classes, and walked out of the room with wobbly legs and drenched in sweat -- it was a great workout! This time of year, when eating is the focus, Gregg's classes are a great way to torch some serious calories (approximately 500-700) as well as tone, tighten and sculpt (light weights are included to tone the arms and the workout focuses on stabilizing your body and engaging your core). Filling the room with an upbeat "can do it" attitude and great music, Gregg encourages his students to push through with enthusiasm and the 45-minutes fly by! Meet Gregg and the other SculptDC instructors this Sunday when they have their open house.  If you're in the Washington, DC area stop by around 2pm and try out an abbreviated 15-minute class.  More information is available here.  You can also "Like" Gregg's Facebook Page, Gregg Pitts Indoor Cycling here and follow him on Twitter.

1. Fashion: If you could select one designer to wear for life, who would it be and why?

J. Crew - it combines classic American style with some edgy hipster options.  You can basically stock your whole wardrobe with must-haves from J.Crew.

2. Fitness: What is a new fitness craze that you see sweeping the nation and does it have staying power? Why do you/don’t you workout?

The indoor cycling craze has really swept the nation.  It combines fast paced and high intensity cycling with dynamic upper body and core work-outs - mix in some rocking music and you've got a work-out that appeals to a wide array of people.    It is about creating a following and community who enjoy intense work-outs. I lost 60 lbs about 5 years ago, so fitness is very important to me.  I am very grateful to share it with other people and help them reach their fitness goals.

3. Culture: What is the best event you’ve attended or trip you’ve taken?

Other than traveling on Air Force One, the trips I did to Africa were very special.  I visited Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, and Liberia - the trips were life changing.

4. Culinary: Favorite restaurant and why?

I really love Jose Andres and his restaurants.

5. Wildcard: Any advice?

For me, life is not just about getting ahead or how much I can get.  It is vital to give back and contribute to the stream of life.