Fall/Winter 2013-14 Trends

Some pieces you see on the runway are completely conceptual, meaning they most likely won't get picket up by a store or boutique for customers to purchase.  These are usually over-the-top ideas, conceptualized by the designer and brought to life for a one-time only appearance during Fashion Week.  And then there are the wearable pieces.  The shows where elegant dresses and beautiful shoes take their turn, and you leave with a feeling of "I'm happy to be a woman."  With New York Fashion week officially wrapped and London Fashion Week taking place as I type, there were a few trends that I noticed on the runways last week. 1) Accessories: Hats and Elbow Length Gloves: From baseball-style caps at Herve Leger to fedoras at Nicole Miller, hats were one of the top accessories on the runway. Approximately half of the shows I attended in New York showcased elbow length leather gloves.  Most were long and sleek as seen at J. Crew, but a few had an edge such as the ones seen at Kenneth Cole, reminiscent of a fisherman.

2) Texture: Along with iridescent materials on belts, bags and shoes, neoprene, velvet, quilting and cut-out fabric were present at many a show.

3) Rounded shoulders: Said to give the woman a flat stomach every time, the rounded shoulders create a boxy frame on who rock the look.  Like it's predecessor, the shoulder pad, this line creates a triangle shape, with a broad top and a  narrow mid-line.

4) Military (and olive drab green): Taking another spin down the runway, the color, and look, makes it for a second season.  The best thing about this trend? Check out end-of-season sales now, which you can wear this year and break out again next, when the temperature starts to drop.

5) Cape and Caplets: Short boleros to longer hip grazing capes, the look was spotted in camel, black and fur.

6) Color: Winter white, cobalt blue, oxblood, eggplant, burnt orange and black/white combo were the most dominant colors for the Fall/Winter 2013-14 season.

Honorable mentions: The peplum shape; animal print; long, ankle grazing dresses (in bold color patterns); fur accents, Deep V cuts

With only one more "official" month of winter, I look forward to adding most of these trends to my wardrobe next year -- they're so wearable!  The hat trend I love and I'm currently on the hunt for a great cape to carry me through the rest of this year.  The one that is most outside of my comfort zone is the Winter White monochromatic look... I love seeing it on others but worry I will spill coffee on it myself.  Maybe a practice run is needed at the end of this Winter in order to gear up for the 2013-2014 season.  Which are your favorites?