Slu**y Brownies

The name isn't kid friendly, but these brownies are ones that the whole family will love... and one's that kids can help make to boot! While in New York for Fashion Week, I was having coffee with a new gal pal. We were introduced on email and became fast friends over breakfast one morning, while talking about ring parties (the NEW bracelet party) and our dislike for the movie the Notebook (we decided that we are the only two women who don't like the movie).  I'm unsure how we got on the topic of baking, but she told me about these brownies called "Slutty brownies." (Original recipe creation found on The Londoner, also where the photos below originated).

"Why in the world would they have such a name," I asked.

"Because they're SOOOO easy! (to make)"

Perfect timing! I had a family brunch that weekend, where I was in charge of making a dessert.  Done and done.

Before moving on to the recipe, I have to tell you about the dessert.  The bottom layer is chocolate chip cookie dough.  The second, a layer of Oreo cookies with caramel drizzled over top.  Next up is brownie mix poured over it all.  Bake in the oven on 350 degrees for 35 minutes and you're ready to enjoy. And what comes out of the oven tastes and looks way more detailed than the four simple steps.



You can make your cookies and brownies from scratch if your choose, but I used a refrigerated cookie dough and a boxed brownie mix.  For the caramel, you can also make your own or simply grab a jar from the grocery store -- I did the later.  And I'm telling you, everyone will eat them up.  We even discussed whether they should be included on, since it's so decadent, but I decided to share... live is about enjoyment, in moderation, and this dessert surly created Genuine Joy amongst the family members!

I was concerned that the 8x8 pan of brownies wouldn't be enough dessert for the 15 people at brunch, but they are so rich and gooey, that we had plenty (with some left over -- and every single person had some!) We put a small piece in a bowl and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, which help to cut some of the richness of the brownie.

I know, I know.  This recipe is not very healthy; to be honest, it's not even remotely healthy, but for a special and fast dessert that's sure to please a crowd, it's a no brainer!