Genuine Joy's Third Annual 30 for 30

It's here! Genuine Joy's Third annual 30 for 30. For those of you who are new, that boils down to 30 days of fitness to feel 30 % better. Today is April 1, which means pools open in 8 weeks over Memorial Day weekend.  We start to shed our winter layers, put away the wool sweaters, boots and heavy coats in exchange for shorts, dresses, short sleeves and open toed shoes.  Most of us, to some degree, are like bears over the winter months.  We hunker down inside, eat a little bit more and aren't as active as we are in the warmer Spring and Summer months. Today is the day we make the change!

Do Something Today

Do Something Today

Here's how it works:

1) Do something active everyday for 30 days.  If this is the first time you've worked out in months, take it slow and ease into consistent workouts.  Often we want fitness to be a destination and not a journey.  Health is a journey  -- enjoy the process.

2) Set a goal.  Why are you doing this? Do you want to register for a 5k? Lose 5 pound? Or simply feel better? Whatever your motivation is, keep it in mind when the voice inside your head says "let's not workout today."

3) Community helps.  Grab a friend and do it together.  Or go to and register for the community, where you can post questions and chat with others who have committed to the 30 for 30.

4) The 5 P's.  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  Make a plan.  Schedule your workouts as if they were a meeting.  Look at the week ahead and determine the best times for your workout, each day. Check the gym schedule and plan to hit a class that you've been meaning to try and look at the weather forecast, so you can plan outdoor activities on the days that it's sunny and warm.

5) Small changes = big results.  Small changes made over time equals big results.  Park the car in a spot farthest from the door, take the stairs, drink more water and add more fresh veggies to your diet.

It takes 21 days to create a habit, so let's get started!

What is your goal? What are you doing today, to be better than you were yesterday?

My workout today is a run.  It's beautiful here in the district, so I'm going to pull out my running shoes and pound the pavement.  Tomorrow, I will report back on the workout and share what I'm planning for day 2. Throughout the month, I will post healthy recipes (sorry, no "dirty brownies" for the month of April, but I will post healthier treat alternatives!), workout tips and inspiration.  At the end of the campaign, I will post my results and I hope that you, too, will share yours with me!

My goals are to tone up, shed 5 pounds and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep.  I find that consistent workouts help me sleep better and that after a few days, my body craves the exercise.  I look forward to the journey with you! Send me an email, leave a comment and let me know how you are doing on your journey...

Until tomorrow...