Beauty Trends a la Nordstrom

Last Saturday, Nordstrom held a Beauty Trend event, which started at 8am.  If you re-read that, I fully understand.  The show began at 8am. On a Saturday. And, to be honest, I wasn't sure how many women would turn out that early on a Saturday morning.  But, I was pleasantly surprised, when I found my seat and saw that about 500 women were in attendance and smiling.  500 women were up and excited on a Saturday morning to see the latest and greatest beauty products for the season. What I later found out, was that the doors opened at 7:20am that day, and when the store opened their doors, there were some who were camped out early (think 6am) to take advantage of the beauty samples.  The store opened at 10am, which is why the event kicked off so early, as to give the attendees a personalized experience, before shoppers began filtering in for the day.

Tickets to the event were $20, which attendees could then use towards a purchase that day -- essentially a $20 coupon, good towards a "must have" item seen during the show.  The retailer offered a light spread of coffee and pastries for the attendees to enjoy during the show, and upon arrival, guests were handed a reusable bag to fill with beauty samples -- think of it as adult trick-or-treat.

The show kicked off promptly at 8am and lasted for 2 hours. Women were dancing, full-sized products give-a-ways included a Clarisonic, Deborah Lippmann full sized nail polish and Smashbox gloss set, were a big hit and the energy was incredible. 

The three acts included different beauty looks, which showcased models in on-trend clothes from the store with a make-up (think Boudreaux lip or smoky eye) created using beauty brands available in-store.  Each presentation was edited down, and had 5-7 companies per act talk about 2-4 products from their collection.  Some products were holiday inspired and some were the latest and greatest from companies such as Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Nars. 

I attended the event with two friends Naina and Kara and we were treated to a brunch at the cafe after the show and before heading out to our scheduled appointments for hair and make-up.  First up for me, was an appointment with Clarisonic, followed by make-up at Chanel and I, unfortunately, had to dip out before my Aveda consultation.

The Orange infused Pancakes -- amazing.

For a while now, I've been looking at the Clarisonic cleaning brush, but hasn't made the conscious decision to purchase.  That was, until I had the demo on Saturday.  I was hooked instantly, as were Kara and Naina.  We each walked away with the Mia 2, which comes with a traveling case and an extra brush.  I was not given the brush, nor has the company paid me to endorse it, so you can believe me when I tell you that it is hands down one of the greatest "products" I've ever purchased.  Their claim that your "pores will shrink 25% in just 2 days" is 100% accurate.  Two different people, in two different settings told me how great my skin looked and that it was glowing.  If you are on the fence, I'm telling you, do it.  Another benefit? Less face cleanser is needed, ultimately saving you money in the long run.  (It's rumored that the spas found in high-end hotels use this equipment for their facials).

Next up, Chanel with Sterling, the Regional Chanel rep, who covers Kentucky to New York.  The man has the power to transform and he did just that on Saturday, putting blush under my eyes (who knew?) and Illusion D'Ombre in Fantasme, an incredible diamond-like eyeshadow on my lids. At the end of the day, what girl doesn't like a little sparkle? Unfortunately, I had to run after the make-up application, but the wonderful sales associate wrote down each of the products used, so I can purchase online or I'm there on my next visit.

With Sterling, the Chanel Rep

While I wasn't able to sit down with Aveda, I have tried their new shampoo Invati twice this week and have fallen in love with the smell of the product and the look of my hair.  Made with "an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs—and derived from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water invati™ solutions for thinning hair," promises thicker hair in 12 weeks. Winter means cold weather and hats, so using this for the next 12 weeks means that come springtime, I'll have a thicker head of hair.  Love.

My must-have is a dust rose colored coat, that I can't seem to stop obsessing over. Reminiscent of a Celene coat, the Tildon brand over-sized "Lofty" is available for $118 -- a super reasonable price for gorgeous on-trend piece.  I plan to visit the store soon to try it on for size. The brand also has its "Fleeting" bootie for $89 with a transparent heel and pointed toe that is affordable and perfect for the season with a skirt, pants or a pair of jeans. 

Want: Tildon Coat

Nordstrom holds these events twice a year, so keep an eye out for them and I highly recommend grabbing some of your gal pals and going.  It's high energy, a great way to learn about what's on-trend for the upcoming season and a fun, unique way to spend time with your friends.  Plan to spend a good portion of the morning and afternoon -- I left around 12:30pm, but had I not had to leave, I could have spent at least another hour or two.  Check your local store for more information.