ICYMI: November 16, 2013

Here's Genuine Joy's Link Love: ICYMI November 16, 2013

November 16, 2013

Coconut oil is the latest in health food trends.  Have you tried it? It's healthy when used in cooking and is also great topically on your skin.  Don't you love products that have duel purpose? You can buy at natural food stores, online and Costco (at least here in DC) where they sell a large jug. Buying it for the first time? Don't worry that it's not liquified -- it comes in a soft, solid form.

Writing letters, doing nothing and getting dressed up for no reason at all, are three of the 18 things everyone should start making time for again.  A thought provoking list by the folks at Thought Catalog.

Three crazy ways to burn fat! The second and third sound doable, but the first one is a tough one for me. 

Kale and Bacon are all the rage these days... and while there is problem with eating too much Kale, it's definitely not as troublesome as the concern with eating too much bacon -- death!

"The most powerful force isn't gravity, it's love."  See how Oprah and SoulPancake define the emotion, with the help of elementary school children and submitted videos in this compilation titled: "What is Love Anyway?" (Video)

J. Crew is having one of their amazing sales -- an additional 40% off on all clearance items! Now is the time to scoop up an item you've been eying or start your holiday shopping and make sure you use the code STYLETIME when checking out. One tip? Don't leave an item in your shopping cart overnight while you think about whether or not to make the purchase... pieces go fast and more often than not, you'll find it missing the next morning.  If you like it, buy it immediately.  (Can you tell I've done this before?)

Happy Weekend!