Quick Hits

Very seldom do our hobbies and interests become our "work" or job.  And when I started Genuine Joy, I wanted a place to explore topics on which I wasn't versed, step outside of my comfort zone to try new things and continue to evolve and grow as a person.  At the time, I was wearing my uniform of a black turtleneck, jeans and flats for any and all occasions: a girls lunch, a night out or lounging around.  It's still my "go to" on days when I want to be comfortable, but I've branched out to heels, sequins and red.  I had an arsenal of three recipes that I could recall from memory and made on rotation.  Everyday was groundhog's day, same thing day in and day out,  because I was scared to try new things. 

With the launching of Genuine Joy, I've tried new things.  I don't try to be better than anyone else; simply better today than I was yesterday.  Each day, making an effort to be better than I was the day before.  Some elements I've loved and some are a challenge. But I've learned that when I only commit to the things that come easy, I stop growing as a person and fall back into the static groove that I found myself in 3 years ago.

All of that was a long way to tell you that I'm launching a new component on HilaryPhelps.com, called Quick Hits.  Quick Hits will be a photo driven page, made up of outfit and food photos.  Why? Because I love to be in the kitchen cooking and baking, and taking a photo in a fun outfit isn't a challenge -- I enjoy them both! I'm not a chef, nor am I a stylist, so these "lifestyle" pieces are things that I do everyday.  I get dressed and I cook.  However, I want to share more of these "behind the scenes" photos with detail, because it's authentic and who I am. 

The other day, a friend asked me where she could find the recipes for the food I post on Instagram.  She wanted a recipe for a green smoothie and I didn't have it anywhere on the site.  So, my friends, Quick Hits was launched.  Found along the top menu bar, on the Home Page of HilaryPhelps.com, you can click on the photo to find more information and details, including recipes and designers of outfits that I wore or one's that inspire me. 

It's a Quick Hit, a place to go when you need a mental break.  The more in-depth pieces, which will include more detailed Fashion and Food pieces, will be posted here, on the blog component of the site.  You can also find the photos @GenuineJoy on Instagram, rather than @Hilary_Phelps, which I will continue to use for personal photos and events. 

Now, I've effectively found a way to combine "work" (the blog) and "hobby" (photos of food and clothes) in one place.  Better today, than I was yesterday and that, my friends, is Genuine Joy.