Coffee vs. Tea (Infographic)

Plain and simple: I love coffee.  There are days when I don't speak a word or do anything productive until I've had at least one cup.  Mostly, it's the routine.  I enjoy the smell of the brewing bean. I savor that first sip. I try not to drink too much, to where I get the caffeine jitters and most days I toe the line, where I'll pour one more cup, take a sip and realize that nothing good will come of me downing the caffeinated elixir. (No, I don't believe in decaf). There are always conflicting reports -- coffee is acidic and should be avoided; coffee helps with endurance training; tea has antioxidants; all types of caffeine should be avoided at all costs.  To be honest, who knows.  But the great folks at Greatist have broken it down for us -- an infographic detailing the ins-and-outs of coffee and tea. 

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I drink coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon/evening.  While I don't drink decaf coffee, most of the tea I drink is caffeine-free. What about you? Do you enjoy coffee, tea or both? Share in the comments below.