Weekend Fun

Happy Saturday!  A new addition to Genuine Joy -- Weekend Plans. Here's how I'm spending my weekend... how are you spending yours? 

1 - Live in Maryland? Today is the last day for tax free back to school shopping, so anything under $100 dollars is considered tax free saving you at least 6% (clothes, shoes). 

2 - Coffee with a girlfriend in Georgetown.  Always a great addition to any weekend!  

3 - I'm trying my hand at canning today.  I'll keep you posted and share how it goes!  

4 - Exercise.  Last night I took an incredible yoga class.  I thought of my friend, a yoga teacher, who once said during a class "it's the movement between the poses that matters the most.  Think of the poses, or asanas, as big events - holidays, birthdays - and the movement between as the "everyday".  It's the everyday events and occurrences that get us to the big events so take time and enjoy them." Last night, I focused on slowing down the time and movement between poses, focused on pulling from my abs and concentrated on my breath.  It made a difference in class and I feel it this morning.  Today is a long run, followed by another yoga class tomorrow.  

5 - Union Market.  It's not new, but new to me.  I have yet to visit, so I'm making it a priority this weekend.   

6 - Ice cream! I've made three batches with my new Cuisinart and I'm in love.  Last night, I made Chocolate Sriracha with coconut milk.  Divine! (Recipe here)  

Whatever it is you're doing this weekend, enjoy! Until Monday...