Transitional Beauty Products

As Summer winds down and Fall rolls in, it's not only the weather that changes.  Shorts and sandals are tucked away and out come the sweaters and boots.  Lighter lotions are stored away under the bathroom sink and heavier body balms are brought out for the colder weather and harsh winds.   

These five items are on my "Favorites" list at the moment and work great with the humid days of August.  All of these products can be used year round, but I will also include a thicker lotion for the cold months.

First up is the Alchimie Forever Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask.  It glides on smooth and makes the skin on my face glow.  I swear it feels softer and younger after each use.  You will feel the softness immediately, which is something that I enjoy -- instant gratification!

The next product contains two of my favorite scents, so it was destined to be a favorite from the start. Natura Calina Layered Body Scrub in Chocolate Lavender smells divine and provides a gentle exfoliation. I've tried some scrubs that feel like rocks rubbing against my skin, but not Natura Calina.  The scrub uses sugar to flake away dead skin and coconut and sesame oil to moisturize.  

As a huge advocate for sunscreen, I've always liked the idea of an artificial tan, but never liked the smell or the orange glow that came over the skin after application.  But Jergens has formulated their faux tanner without the harsh "fake tan smell" and one that gradually builds over several applications, so the user is able to control the color and a great way to make your summer tan last for a few more weeks.  Win, win!  (There are two products - one for the body and one for the face.  The face lotion has 15 SPF and the body lotion has a firming element). 

Lastly is Neutrogena body oil in Light Sesame formula.  I like the light feel and the fact that it's fragrance free, allowing me to wear perfume and not have competing scents (from a lotion).  Come winter, when my skin is dry, I will have to switch to, or add, a thicker moisturizer, but for now it's perfect.  

Alchimie and Natura Culina can be ordered online.  Jergens and Neutrogena are found in most drug stores and also available online.